Target Oratory Festival

Through Lincoln’s Words: the Target Oratory Festival
February 9 and 10, 2016, 10 a.m. to noon

Join us for Through Lincoln’s Words: the Target Oratory Festival. In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, students from 3rd through 8th grade classrooms across the metro DC area perform a selection of his most historic speeches on the Ford’s Theatre stage.

Lincoln's Oratory in the Classroom
Much of Abraham Lincoln’s power came from his ability to communicate his ideas to the people of the United States. By using meaningful images and ideas, Lincoln moved the people who heard him. Bring his words to life in your classroom with a visit or residency with a Ford’s Theatre oratory artist.

Ford’s Theatre teaching artists are trained to work hand-in-hand with teachers to demonstrate oratory skills in the classroom and integrate performance of speeches and letters into Social Studies and English classes to strengthen historical understanding and reading comprehension, among other skills. Whether as part of the school day or in an after-school experience, performing great words and finding their own energizes students and deepens learning.

For more information or to learn how your class can participate, email the Education Department.

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