National Oratory Fellows

National Oratory Fellows at Ford's Theatre

The National Oratory Fellows program helps educators learn how to use oratory and performance as teaching strategies in history and ELA classrooms. Learn how to make history content come alive for your students as they discover the meaning and context behind some of history’s greatest speeches, and the people who spoke them.

As a National Oratory Fellow you will:

  • Participate in group professional development sessions with a select cohort of teachers across the country.
  • Work with a Ford’s Theatre Teaching Artist to design and implement an oratory integrated unit in your classroom. The Ford’s Teaching Artist “visits” the classroom via video-conferencing equipment or Skype.
  • Join us in Washington, DC in May for a professional development retreat and culminating event at Ford’s Theatre.

To apply:

Program is open to previous Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows only. Applications are now available. Deadline to apply is August 15, 2014.

For more information please contact Cynthia Gertsen, 202-434-9529 or email.

Help your students unlock the power of their voices.
Become a Ford’s Theatre National Oratory Fellow.
Speech matters.



2013-2014 National Oratory Fellows

District of Columbia

  • Anne Brainard: Oyster Adams Bilingual School, Washington (4th year)
  • Carrie Roling: Oyster Adams Bilingual School, Washington (3rd year)


  • Mike Buchanan: Keya Paha County School, Springview (4th year)


  • Joyce Erb-Appleman: Greenbelt Middle School, Greenbelt (1st year)
  • Ashley Moss-Pham: Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown (1st year)
  • Krista McKim: Roberto Clemente Middle School, Germantown (1st year)
  • James Rossi: Mother Seton Academy, Baltimore (2nd year)


  • Jennifer Erdtmann: James Bridger Middle School, Independence (4th year)
  • Catherine Plumb-Sperry: James Bridger Middle School, Indpendence (2nd year)


  • Georgette Hackman: Denver Elementary School, Denver (2nd year)


  • Angela Hambleton: Lafayette Elementary School, Lafayette (2nd year)


  • Wally Hames: Kuna Middle School, Kuna (3rd year)


  • Dave McIntire: The Independent School, Wichita (2nd year)


  • Kathryn Notarpole: Stapley Junior High School, Mesa (1st year)

Photos of Center for Education by Maxwell MacKenzie. Photo of high school student performing at Ford's Theatre by Reflections.