Education Spotlight: Jennifer Erdtmann

Ford’s Theatre is committed to engaging education professionals in developing meaningful and useful tools and skills that enhance teaching history and leadership to middle and high school students using theatre, speech and storytelling. The following is an excerpt from 2013 Summer Teacher-in-Residence Jennifer Erdtmann’s reflection on her experience.

What does it mean to be a Summer Teacher-in-Residence at Ford’s Theatre?

My students will benefit from my Teacher-in-Residence experience. They are getting a teacher who has spent time at many of the historic places they will learn about this year, a teacher who has reflected upon lessons written by other educators across the nation, a teacher who has worked with and learned from an expert Teaching Artist and numerous other effervescent artists in the field, a teacher who has spent time at the places at which Abraham Lincoln and George Washington spent time, and a teacher who has been empowered to use her own creativity to improve the quality of education. This experience is an experience all teachers should be granted. Working with Ford’s Theatre for one month will bring more to my classroom than the countless hours of professional development concerning test data or fleeting initiatives. I am continuously thankful and inspired by each experience I am granted, and am excited for the possibilities of the future.